What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of electric cryotherapy chamber for sale

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Nitrogen Cryo Chambers vs Electric Cryotherapy ... - CRYONiQ

When you're in the market for a whole body cryotherapy chamber the cost of the equipment can be one of the deciding factors, but apart from the price tag, it's also very important to consider how the equipment works and what would be the most suitable option for you.

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This article discusses the basic differences between the three types of cryo chambers, nitrogen, hybrid and electric, so that you can make an informed decision regarding your project, budget, and daily operation requirements.

Lets start with a breakdown of the basic technical specification of the three available systems.

Electric Vs. Nitrogen Cryotherapy Machines | Cryo Chambers


The following table summarizes most of the differences between the two main technologies that power cryotherapy machines.

The table compares electric and nitrogen cryotherapy machines based on several factors, including price, operating cost, maintenance, safety, and convenience.

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Overall, the table provides a helpful comparison between electric and nitrogen cryotherapy machines and can be used as a starting point for further research and consideration when deciding which type of machine to purchase.


The cost of cryotherapy chambers varies based on the model. However, according to the table, electric cryotherapy machines are generally more expensive than nitrogen cryotherapy machines, but their operating costs are much lower due to the cost of electricity.

On the other hand, nitrogen cryotherapy machines have lower upfront costs, but their operating costs are higher as nitrogen is more expensive than electricity.


Nitrogen cryotherapy machines require more maintenance and are more complicated to maintain than electric cryotherapy machines. This is due to the use of liquid nitrogen, which requires special handling and storage.


Both types of machines are considered safe when used correctly, but nitrogen cryotherapy machines have a higher risk of asphyxiation if they are not properly ventilated.

Ease of use

Electric cryotherapy machines may be more convenient to use as they are fully automated. Nitrogen machines require specialized ventilation and plumbing.

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