Sandwich Panel: Know Their Usage and Benefits

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Feb. 04, 2023




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Over the last few decades, we can see an increase in the use of "sandwich panels" in construction. These panels are easy to erect, lightweight, and hygiene. They consist of multiple layers, such as steel claddings (external and internal), core with thermal insulation, and coatings protecting from corrosion and mechanical damage. Sandwich panels can provide a unique thermal barrier and they are implicated in rapid-fire spread caused by a hazardous operation.


sandwich panel


Usage of Sandwich Panel


sandwich panel is designed to protect any buildings from external factors. They ensure the utmost convenience and cost-effective solution. As a modern, durable and light construction system, sandwich panels are used to clad roofs and external walls of the buildings and to achieve insulated internal walls and cold storages. They are perfect to be used in:


ㆍResidential and  industrial buildings

ㆍMilitary structures

ㆍAgricultural and prefabricated structures

ㆍConstruction site buildings



small brick pattern sandwich panel


While sandwich panels have the capacity to cover 1000 mm width, the length can be produced in suitable sizes as per the needs of your project. They are produced by filling in thick and low-density insulation materials between two high-density material surfaces. These ready-assembled building elements have a high load-carrying capacity despite their own low weight. They are produced on continuous lines.


You can see sandwich panels in wall and roof versions. They are ideal for different types of structures, including warehouses and logistic hubs, production facilities, workshops, cold stores and freezers (dedicated PU-F cold storage panels), car showrooms, stores, sports and recreational facilities ( arenas, swimming pools, and halls).


It is important to note that Sandwich Panel Manufacturers can make different panels that vary based on their length (2 to 18 m), thickness (40 to 230 mm), core type ( mineral wool, EPS, polyurethane), profile (smooth, micro-profile, clear line, grooved etc.), protective coatings, cladding colours (both external and internal). For the best, most reliable and guaranteed sandwich panels, connect with Baikal, a leading company when it comes to Sandwich Panel Manufacturers in China. Visit for more information.


wood facade panels

polyurethane sandwich panel

polyurethane foam sandwich panels


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